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14/09/11 12:13 PM

With 1 in 5 16-24 year olds out of work, more and more are looking to start their own companies. 44% of young people are looking to set up their own business with a significant number claiming the business can run off an internet connection alone.  According to research published by PC World Business, 46% aim to set up their own business in the next two years and almost a fifth of the 1,000 young people questioned are ready to go in the next two months.

What has caused this enterpreneurship? Is it the poor state of the economy and the endless struggle to get a job? Is it down to the TV programmes such as Dragons Den and the Apprentice inspiring young people? What do these young people believe is the biggest challenge?

More than 40% said lack of funding was the biggest hurdle and 29% simply didn’t know where to start.

My advice would be look to start with a small amount of money, you have saved or potentially borrowed from friends and family and then get tips on how to start your own business from the likes of



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